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All? publications of “Profiles for Community Action” are no longer available in print format. If you are interested in obtaining any title from our Profiles for Community Action series as a PDF please email us at Thank you.


To view an extract of A Profile for Community Action (Green Cities, Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Water) or an extract of the Community Action Workshop Manual please go to the appropriate link below. Each extract contains portions from the original publication, including excerpts from: Table of Contents, Introduction, Guiding Principles and Overview, as well as selected Success Stories.?Acrobat Reader is required to view these extracts.





Green Cities (1.3MB PDF) Climate Change?(548KB PDF) Biodiversity?(2.0MB PDF)
Troubled Waters (633KB PDF) Community Action Workshop Manual?(570KB PDF)


Each Profile for Community Action?provides clear, readable information about a pressing issue. Each contains a thorough overview of the issue, extensive resource listings, and inspirational success stories describing how groups have taken effective action on these issues in their own communities. The Profiles are useful?for anyone concerned about today’s most pressing environmental issues and looking to address them through community initiatives.



Publications below are also available in PDF



CSR Guide for Multination Corporations in China – Prosperity with Integrity 2013

?A practical?guide?reviews legislation and public attitudes, offers insightful case studies, and provides a blueprint for success in developing CSR programs that bring practical benefit to both business and society. Published in English and Chinese.?



Strengthening Canada’s Foreign Policy – Lessons from Our China Experience 2012

Based on lessons learned from our experience working in China since 2005, this research paper is to contribute to a positive discussion, involving all Canadians, on how Canada’s foreign policy can be most advantageous to Canadians while meeting our shared values of good governance, social justice, and environmental responsibility.



Cultivating Healthy Food and Gardens for a Sustainable Future was created to raise awareness about food security, sustainable food systems and the importance of a community-based approach to issues of local food security, 2010
The presentation is approximately 22 minutes in length. It starts with an overview of the current, global food situation, and then highlights seven exemplary community-based food and garden initiatives. These success stories showcase organizations and individuals who are dedicated to improving access to healthy and nutritious food in communities around the world. They were chosen for their passion, innovation and commitment to helping people and the planet.


Offering insight, information and ideas for practical action, Harmony Foundation created this project to illuminate your path towards sustainability. It is our hope that, after viewing the presentation, you will take away some ideas of your own. We want you to be inspired to make a difference.


To accompany the presentation, we also provide a presenter’s guide. In it, you will find detailed instructions for organizing a successful event at which to show Cultivating Healthy Food and Gardens for a Sustainable Future. The presenter’s guide also provides advice for exchanging meaningful ideas with your audience, identifying your community’s needs and planning your own project or initiative.



Troubled Waters (2009)
The Troubled Waters presentation and accompanying presenter’s guide were created in 2009 by Harmony Foundation of Canada. Our goal with this project is to raise awareness about the global fresh water situation and inform community leaders and concerned citizens about important issues of freshwater use, misuse, supply and demand. Each DVD contains a Quicktime file of the Troubled Waters presentation and a PDF file of the Troubled Waters presenter’s guide.



The Power and Hope of Sustainable Community Development and Presenters Guide CD (2008)
The 27 minute multimedia presentation and accompanying presenter?s guide are contained in this compact disc. The presentation examines the benefits of and opportunities for sustainable community development through powerful community success stories from around the world. These success stories offer examples for reducing waste and green house gases, improving air quality, conserving water and energy, promoting public transportation, increasing green space, and adopting environmentally sound planning and purchasing with active public participation. The presenter?s guide assists individuals to inform and motivate members of their community to work together to achieve positive local results. It provides instructions for organizing and hosting a successful event and includes group activities for discussing how your community can benefit from sustainable community development.



Community Action Workshop Manual 2007
An indispensible 132-page tool for planning environmental projects in your community. Provides step-by-step instructions for analysing your issue, identifying local assets and needs, developing an action plan, and more!



Green Cities: a Guide for Sustainable Community Development 2005
A 124 page guide which provides a clear and comprehensive overview of Sustainable Community Development, inspiring community success stories and lots of practical information, including how to establish community priorities, encourage citizen participation, and build local leadership. References, worksheets, facts on important trends and a foreword by Hon. Maurice F. Strong add to the rich content of this exciting guide, an official publication of United Nation’s World Environment Day 2005 and the San Francisco Urban Environmental Accords. A must have tool for community leaders.



Troubled Waters: A Profile for Community Action 2002

A primer on fresh water for community groups. Includes a clear overview of the issue; profiles of successful community projects tackling water issues in Canada and internationally; and helpful resource listings.



Climate Change: A Profile for Community Action 2001
A 77- page primer on climate change for community groups. Includes a clear overview of the issue; profiles of successful community projects to tackle climate change in Canada and internationally; and helpful resource listings.



Climate Change: Global Issue/Northern Issue 2001
A supplement to the Climate Change Profile dealing specifically with the North. Includes an overview of how climate change is affecting the North, as well as success stories from Northern initiatives against climate change.



Biodiversity: A Profile for Community Action 2001
A 71-page primer on biodiversity for community groups. Includes a clear overview of the issue; profiles of successful community projects to tackle biodiversity in Canada and internationally; and helpful resource listings.



Climate Change Community Action Workshop Manual, 2000
Learn how to take action on climate change! This comprehensive, 162-page guide gives you all the information you need to lead a Community Action Workshop on climate change. Includes clear, readable background information on the issue, inspiring examples of successful initiatives in other communities, facilitation techniques, and step-by-step instructions for each activity of the workshop.



Green Garden Project: Guide to Organic Gardening,1998
This 13-page booklet contains information on organic methods of lawn and garden care. Including: soil and plant maintenance; prevention and control of pests and disease; beneficial insects chart; choosing garden supplies wisely.



Strengthening Our Community: A Guidebook for Community Youth Programs, 1997
A 48-page guidebook which provides practical information including how to: choose project partners, design a mentor program, and coordinate community service projects.



Robert Bateman’s ecoTIPS, 1996
Together with Robert Bateman, our Honourary Chair, we have created a 13-page booklet covering our most important environmental issues and providing practical tips you can use at home, work, school and in your community.



Discovering Your Community: A Cooperative Process for Planning Sustainability /
A la decouverte de votre collectivite: un processus cooperatif de planification de la perennite
, 1994

This comprehensive 58-page workbook will provide your community group with all the information you need to organize and develop a successful sustainable development plan that involves the entire community. Includes success stories from other communities and helpful worksheets. A needed resource.



Workplace Guide: Practical Action for the Environment / Guide pour le milieu de travail: vers la sante environnementale, 1991
A 176-page workbook to help organizations improve environmental practices. Includes 500 specific actions, 24 pages of worksheets, an action planner, plus sources for more information in target areas: energy, hazardous materials, waste, water, transportation, purchasing, property management, education and excellence beyond the workplace.




Community Workshops for the Environment / Ateliers communautaires au sujet de l’environnement, revised edition, 1991
A 60-page organizer’s manual on developing, organizing and giving practical environmental action workshops. No more waiting around for the environmental “experts” to get your group started on community education and projects.




Home & Family Guide: Practical Action for the Environment / Guide pour la famille et la maison: la protection de l’environnement au quotidien, 1989
Eighty pages of practical, positive advice and action tips. The Guide takes a room-by-room approach to helping you save energy and water, reduce waste and find alternatives to hazardous products. Glossary and an index.




Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents



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