We are pleased to provide this ongoing series of educational presentations on current environmental concerns to improve understanding of pressing issues.


Liquidating the Future

Urban Forests

Healthy Foods and Gardens

Power and Hope

Troubled Waters

Co-operative Enterprises

Dancing with the Lion – Working with Business Strategically


Power & Hope of Sustainable Community Development (PDF,?2.1 MB)

This presentation examines the attributes of successful sustainable community initiatives. It explores how forward-looking community leadership and strong public participation can create vibrant Green Cities that sustain patterns of human development and economic prosperity, protect the environment, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of life today and for future generations..


Climate Change (PDF, 1.1?MB)

Rising average surface temperatures on the planet have led to rising ocean levels and increasingly severe weather events. This presentation explores the causes and effects of climate change, actions to reduce harmful emissions and successful community initiatives.


Biodiversity?(PDF,?702 KB)

The biodiversity of ecosystems, species and their genetic makeup are vital to the health of this planet. Currently, more than 11,000 species of plants and animals are facing extinction in the near future, largely because of expanding human populations and their activities. The combined pressures of over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution, climate change, urbanization and industrialization are threatening the world’s biodiversity and, in turn, life on this planet. This presentation examines the key concerns of biodiversity, successful community initiatives to preserve it and actions that can be taken to protect biodiversity.


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